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Samer Arzouni is an award-winning filmmaker, with over 12 years of experience in the industry. His flair for the art of filmmaking and production is nurtured by a belief that poignant storytelling has the power to change perceptions. It evokes emotion, sparks curiosity, and can create a space for change in the minds of audiences and inspire them to take positive action.

After stints in numerous positions that culminated in a promotion to Head of Channel and Productions for the National Geographic Channels in the Middle East, it was time for the ambitious filmmaker to embark on a new journey. In 2017 he then embarked on solo journey founding Spotlife Film Productions.

During the course of his already illustrious career, Arzouni has been immersed in a range of film categories and styles, from observational documentaries and reality formats, to engineering and science, as well as Turbo. His projects often combine an assortment of different genres to create an exceedingly engaging and progressive piece of work.


Arzouni has also been at the helm on a vast array of documentaries for regional and international audiences. A number of releases that he is credited with directing and producing have aired internationally, some of which include the following:


During his time at the National Geographic Channels; Arzouni traveled between Seoul, Washington, Hong Kong and London receiving hands on training with the international team at the network.

During which time he produced numerous films and series for the network, some of which aired globally in over 185 countries.